Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cooking class in Roma!

On Friday, December 14, a majority of the smick's and I took a cooking class in Trestevere in Roma. We were taught my Chef Andrea Consoli and his wife, Erica. Together, we created a five course feast! Our first course was Insalata di Farro (spelt salad), the second was Gnocchetti sardi con ragù alla bolognese (Homemade fresh pasta with slowly cooked bolognese style meat ragù), the third was Scaloppine di Vitellone con Funghi (beef scaloppine with mushrooms), the fourth was Roasted Potatoes with rosemary (patate al forno), and lastly, the fifth was delicious homemade Tiramisù. For a majority of the class, I made homemade pasta. I was so in my element. I cannot wait to make my family a homemade, traditional Roman dinner! Taking a cooking class in Roma was such a great experience for me as an Italian!
LOTS of homemade pasta!

First Course!
Second Course (My favorite!)
Third Course!
Fourth Course!
Fifth Course! YUM

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